Friday, July 29, 2011

The Cost of Driving

Check this out.

The average Vancouver driver is paying some $7400/year to drive.

The cheapest place to own a car? Winnipeg, at $5000/year.

Either way, it is a huge whack of money. (It's nowhere near what I pay: my monthly Modo bill is about $125, $70 of which is my bus pass. And yes, this includes gas, maintenance, and insurance. If I include a generous additional $1000 for holiday car rentals, I'm still only paying half of what the average Winnipegger is shelling out, for all the car I need. I'll never own a car again if I can help it.).

It appears that the cost of driving in Vancouver is nowhere near as expensive as driving in Calgary, Montreal, or Toronto. Remember that vehicle levy, that would've paid for Translink? That was going to add, what, $70/year to the cost of driving? Peanuts! A mere 1% increase in the cost of driving! Wouldn't get us to the Montreal level, even.

Oh, and the $0.02/liter tax that everyone currently seems to be getting on their hind legs about? How much will that cost the average driver? Here's the math:

10,000 km/year x 1 litre/10km x $0.02/litre = $20/year or a mere 0.3% increase in the cost of driving.

Are we collectively living so close to the edge that these paltry sums are going to drive us (pardon the pun) over the cliff??

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