Friday, September 23, 2011

Red Fridge Blue Fridge, Old Fridge New Fridge

Finally we bit the bullet and bought a new fridge.

Our old fridge, an Inglis Royal in colour "almond", dates from the mid-80's. It came with our house and is the last remaining appliance of the package left standing...It's starting to have some cooling issues, so before it dies we decided to go refrigerator shopping.

I gotta say, I hate shopping for appliances. It takes me hours upon hours, and I don't even do a particularly good job. I try to do as much as I can on the internet, but reviews on refrigerator performance are not easy to come by - there are simply too many models (and the Canadian model numbers are different those in the US - which is where most of the reviews come from), and most reviews seem to dwell on looks, convienience, and features. I couldn't care less about French doors, ice makers, or sliding crispers. I'm interested in reliability! The only thing I did want, this time 'round, was a freezer on the bottom.

I went to the library to read the Consumer Guides, but even here there was precious little info. They haven't rated "normal-sized" fridges, only big ones that are 36" wide. I don't have room for a monster that big in my kitchen. Urk. All I could conclude was that Kenmore seemed to be rated pretty highly on the reliability scale.

That's good, because that meant I just had to go to Sears. Whew. So not a total waste of time.

Then I read up on Power Smart, and on BC Hydro's fridge rebate program (get $50 back if your new fridge qualifies as the creme de la creme), and their fridge buy-back program (they will pick up your old fridge - if it's working - for free and give you $30). One quickly discovers that the rebate program is not easy to qualify for - it doesn't apply to all "Energy Star" appliances! Surprise! Only the very top-rated ones earn the $50!

Anyways, off to Sears, where, just by chance (I never check flyers) they were having a sale. And, wonder of wonders, the only mid-size freezer-bottom fridge that actually qualifies for the rebate program was $300 off! OMG! Sold! I would never have bought this fridge at its original price. But I'm sure happy with it. It's got these pull-out shelves - no more groping in the back for the jar of mayo...and I really, really like the fact that the freezer drawer is on the bottom. Bye-by bending down for the veggies!

Finally, check out the efficiency on this puppy: 390 kWh per year. Our old fridge has a sticker in it too: 135 kWh per month. So this new fridge is 4 times more efficient than that old one (which was top of the line in its day).

We'll have to see if this makes a difference in our electrical bill.

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