Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank you Steve Jobs, or Why I Love my iPhone

Before the iPhone, I wasn't really an Apple kinda girl. But my iPhone has
revolutionized my travels. It's my travel info-portal. I can:
  • check bus schedules online,
  • check if the bus is actually coming,
  • change my bus itinerary on the fly, minimizing waits
  • book the nearest available Modo car
  • check up-to-date YVR and BC Ferries schedules
Here is RMD's list of iPhone Apps for the Car(e)less:

iTransitVan - an App that lets me check schedules at my favourite stops online, lets me find nearby stops and shows the schedules there - Translink's mobile portal (still only in beta), the best part of which is the next bus page. You have to know your stop number (this part is clunky but I'm hoping for improvements in saving favourites), but once you type that in and hit map view it shows you where the buses actually are! It is hooked up with all the GPSes on the can watch your bus approach...fascinating.

google maps - this one is still the best for route planning on-the-fly. Of course, it knows where you are, so it can tell you how to get to where you want to go. Very useful. Translink's site is too clunky. - Modo's mobile portal. Very handy, lets me see which cars are nearest me and their availability. I can also view my favorites. And book online, of course! (I'm sure ZipCar and Car2Go have their own Apps!) - BC Ferries' mobile portal, with current schedules and real-time ship position info. - YVR's mobile site. Up-to-date flight arrival and departure info!

During our recent travels to Ontario and Quebec, I easily found similar transit schedule applications in the cities we visited. So finding our way around a new city was a total breeze!

Steve, thank you.

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