Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cat fight!

We have a cat. Her name is Misty. She's really, really, really cute (see picture). We got her a number of years back to get rid of the rats in our kitchen (eew. eew. eew.) Which she did, with admirable promptness.

[Misty enjoying some 'nip]

Unfortunately, the lack of rats now causes Misty to hunt birds. The other day she came home with a flicker:

[these birds are woodpecker-sized]

OK. Time for a collar, with a bell and a tag, so it makes lots of noise. We go out and get her one at the local pet store. 2 pm, we put it on her.

Misty hates collars. She spends the first 15 minutes rolling around the floor trying to get the thing off. Then she takes off into the garden.

8 pm, it's dark, and time for her to come in, or she'll be coyote fodder. We hear a yowling, hissing and spitting from the garden, and sprint out to find Misty crouched on the path, her tail the size of a toilet brush. Another cat disappears into the shrubbery.

We grab Misty and take her in. Dammit, the collar is gone. That lasted all of 6 hours...$12 wasted. Grrr.

The next morning, my husband is out at the shed getting his bike out to go to work, he calls me: "honey, we've got a crime scene out here!".  I go out, expecting a corpse or something, but what do we see on the garden path?

Two elastic cat collars. A red one, with Misty on the tag, and dark blue one, the tag engraved with the name Blue.

Clearly, a team effort!

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