Thursday, December 1, 2011

New West's Transportation Survey

As you may know, New West is starting on a transportation plan. Here is the information. There are no open houses planned yet, but stay tuned. Meanwhile, fill in the survey! The deadline has been extended to Dec 16.

The link on the main city page doesn't seem to work. I had to dig a bit to find a door into the survey. Click here to participate.

Some possible things to consider:

- enhance bike facilities (complete the network!), including some dedicated routes to major destinations (high school, library)
- limit freight transport (dedicated times and/or routes)
- shift freight to other modes (eliminating use of New West streets for transport between Port nodes)
- advocate for better transit connections between Uptown and Columbia, as well as increasing service levels to and from SkyTrain stations to 10 minute intervals
- implement pedestrian malls along shopping streets; alternatively, slow traffic to a crawl along these routes by implenting the "red wave", narrowing the road, putting in more crosswalks, and giving pedestrians priority (using such things as "instant reponse" crosswalks, stopping traffic in all directions, and longer crossing times)
- maintain industrial river access as part of future planning
- improve and increase connections to and from Queensborough for non-drivers
- reduce parking requirements for developments
- put the City on an "asphalt diet" - no net increase in asphalt
- set mode share targets for the City to measure and improve the shift from driving to alternative transportation
- encourage City workers to leave their cars at home (by removing car subsidies and free parking from City Hall) - give bus passes (employer pass) and car-sharing in return
- promote car sharing throughout the City as a way to improve affordability, reduce parking needs, and reduce traffic

Add your own!

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