Thursday, February 16, 2012

Modo goes Paperless!

Car-sharing with Modo is now even more convienient!

No longer do you have to fill in any paperwork when returning the vehicle.

Car-sharing is now this simple:
1. search for vehicle nearest you using Modo's mobile app at Book the car using the same app.
2. let yourself into the car with your electronic fob, and
3. drive away! The ignition key is in the car. If you need gas, there's now a credit card (gas-only) in the car, so no cost to you.
4. return the car at the appointed time, and just fob out and leave!

Used to be, you'd have to note the odometer setting before and after your trip, and note the times as well, in the log book of each car. No longer!

Lost and found, car damage, etc. can be phoned into the office; there's usually a real person to talk to, until late!

I discovered this just yesterday, when using our nearest car (at Sapperton SkyTrain station) to do some grocery shopping for our upcoming ski trip to Manning Park. The logbook was gone, so I had to phone to confirm that the car had "gone paperless"...

Of course, we'll be using a Modo car (minivan this time!) to get ourselves and our equipment to Manning for a nice long weekend of low-key skiing. It is cheaper than renting (minivans go for $100/day from the average car-rental outfit) and now there's absolutely no paperwork involved at all!


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