Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday Geekiness

So we are a family of geeks. Truly. Here's more proof, in case you needed any:

I recently had a birthday, and am (this year) a perfect square. Yeh, I'm 49. A square of prime numbers, no less! This is probably the last time that'll happen to me! I told everyone at the office. Luckily I work in an engineering firm so they mostly got it without me having to explain...

But wait, there's more! Another cool thing about my family is that my father's birth year and mine happen to add to 100. Dad was born in '37, and myself in '63. So in the year 2000, I turned 37 and my father, 63! Woah! Way cool! Good thing I figured this out, since it's now the only way I can remember how old my parents are...

And then, just to prove this condition is genetic, here's another fun birthday fact, which my son figured out last month just in time for his birthday:

He was born on Feb 21. So this year, his birthday was:


A palindrome. How awesome is that??? Too bad he didn't turn 12, or 21.

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