Thursday, April 5, 2012

Frequent Transit

Absolutely genius, this: Translink's Frequent Transit map.

As Mr. Price says, every realtor, every City Planner, should have this map blown up and hanging above their desk. Everyone looking for a condo should have this in hand while apartment-shopping.

This map defines how to get around without a car.

Here's a close-up of the New West part of the map:

[map care of Translink, my cropping job. Click to enbiggen.]

We can learn some interesting things, which may or may not come as a surprise:

1. New Westminster has excellent links between downtown  and uptown already - 15 minute service along both 6th and 8th! Do we really need a tourist trolley to do the same route?

2. New Westminster has crap service east-to-west, through uptown. There's nothing across town. I respectfully submit that this is where we need to get some action.

3. Links from uptown to Queensborough suck. I point out that this is the route for Queensborough students to get to New West's only high school!
Something for the Master Transportation Plan!!


  1. Good point #2.

    It seems that Translink was in a rush to get this map finished, and missed some routes that are definitely on the FTN: C8, and the 154/155 buses that give 2 buses every 30 min frequencies all day everyday on 6th ave. The 155,154 buses do technically go cross town, maybe you are saying 15 minute frequencies should run all the way across 8th ave?

  2. Problem with the 154/155 is that beyond 6th Ave the route splits and you only get 30minute effectively you have 15 min service from the West End to uptown, but no further...Translink unfortunately cut the evening service on these routes...