Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bike 'n Shine!

Last Saturday I was enjoying the weather, the facilities, and the River Market's First Annual Bike 'n Shine at the Quay in New West.

There are all kinds of nice things happening at the River Market. I had a lovely lunch from Re-Up BBQ, newly opened: I enjoyed a plate of pulled pork, black bean and corn chili and a very nice buttermilk biscuit. Oh, and don't miss their homemade drinks - the Cola I tried was very interesting - kind of in between a coke and a root beer. They have home-made lemonade and ice tea too. BTW, I ordered a BBQ (smoked) turkey from them last Christmas, this was truly delicious. I'm not a big turkey fan, but really, this was one amazing taste experience. Definitely I'll be ordering again next year. They do bacon!

The Market sports a gelato shop - hopping on this sunny day - and of course Donald's market for all your organic grocery needs. I picked up some absolutely stunning halibut for the BBQ (yum!!!) from the fish market. And don't forget the Great Wall tea shop - my kids are totally addicted to Cream Earl Grey.

The River Market sponsored the first "Bike 'n Shine" event and Modo honored me by inviting me to judge some of the amazing machines on display.

[just a few of the entries]

There were about 15 entries, most of them in the "vintage" and "crusier" categories. Many were clearly hand-made.

[moi, checkin' out a nice antique with kerosene headlight]

[oooh, a sidecar!]


There were a lot of prizes to hand out, so almost everyone won something. Tip for y'all next year: enter!!

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