Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New West's Capital Works Plan

I sit on New Westminster's Neighborhood Traffic Advisory Committee (NTAC). Most of the committee members are representatives of the various neighborhood residents' associations, and NTAC is a venue for them to bring their traffic-related concerns to the City, and for the City to disseminate information back to the residents.  It's not that much work to sit on these committees, and it's a great way to learn about how the City works and a good way to meet the staff!

At the last meeting, we got to hear about the capital works projects that the City is planning for this year. Here is a map of all the things they are planning to do. It's kind of low-resolution (we got a higher resolution hardcopy at the meeting), but of most interest to me were the pedestrian crossing upgrades they are planning across 8th avenue (note: a "special crosswalk" is one with flashing lights). I'm pretty happy with these upgrades; these are all existing crosswalks in my neck of the woods, and all have safety issues. The cars along 8th never stop for pedestrians. That's a problem because this is a well-used bus route with lots of passengers crossing the road, and because all the kids north of 8th have to cross this street to get to school (McBride). So it's great to see the City taking action!

This is what happens when you complain about City infrastructure - all complaints (especially letters!) get looked at and prioritized, budgeted, and finally they make it on to the map. Yay!

Now, if you look really carefully at the map you'll see a blue shaded area in the middle of the city running north-south, and marked "CCTV". No, this is not some kind of surveillance scheme. Apparently Engineering is lowering cameras into the sewer system to check the pipes. Phew.

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