Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain Rain Rain

Yesterday I was caught in what can only be described as hosing rain on my way home, on my bicycle. My raingear proved of little use as I navigated my way through foot-deep puddles and was treated to several free showers by passing vehicles.

I had time to contemplate the vocabularly of rain. Remember that legend, that says the Inuit have 40 words for snow? Well,  I posit that here on the west coast, we have an equally large stable of terms for "rain".

In order of intensity, here is my list of verbs that I've heard used to describe our weather in all its grey and damp glory:

misting, drizzling, spitting, sprinkling, showering, raining, pissing, pouring, hosing 

A few more terms can be used as adverbs (but haven't been graduated to full rain-verb status yet):

pattering, pelting, hammering

Am I missing any? I get the feeling that the middle ground is a bit thin. I think we could use some expansion here. Any creative souls out there looking for linguistic fame? Here's your chance!

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