Monday, July 7, 2014

Art for New West

What with the controversy surrounding some public art in New West (note: I like 'em. I'm a fan of public art. I even like that stupid Tin Soldier.), I thought I'd give y'all some ideas of what I think would really up the ante for the waterfront.

1. a one-way-glass public toilet:

[outside view of mirror-glass public loo]

[inside view!]

I have actually used one of these, in Basel, Switzerland, a number of years ago. Very disconcerting, I must say. I think it would be an interesting addition to the Quay!

 2. a giant rubber ducky in the Fraser River:

[giant inflatable rubber duck by artist Florentijn Hofman]

There might be some issues deploying Rubber Duck in the Fraser, he'd have to swim around the log booms, but I think it'd be waaay cool!

3. a "kinetic" water fountain (ie. one that moves):

[water fountain / sculpture by Jean Tinguely]
We saw lots of work by the late Jean Tinguely when we lived in Switzerland, they are all wonderful. Nice to sit around in the heat of the day, too. The only problem: kids want to play in them.

4. a giant inflatable red ball that moves around the city:

What an addition to the Parkade this would be, squished between the floors...

5. take some time to smell the flowers...

[just a suggestion...]

I'm not sure this qualifies as "art", but what the heck. I think a few signs like this along the Boardwalk might liven up the scene a bit.

6. Sunshades...
[this is an installation in Portugal]

Nice for the new Pier Park, I think! That red pavillion doesn't have any roof...

I think money spent on public art is never wasted. It gets people thinking. It gets people talking. It gets people visiting and walking around outside!

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